MBAS is a seamlessly integrated device to capture fingerprint and face information. The device was first launched in 2011
and rolled out nationwide in Korea for immigration control process. MBAS® has evolved into various versions such as
MBAS Plus, MBAS BS, MBAS UC2F to give satisfaction for various demands in markets. According to customers’ requirements,
the device can be redesigned to employ new component devices and enhance its performance for various biometric areas
in fingerprint, face, and iris.

FASTpass P1 is a compact full-page reader to process ICAO standard e-passports, visas and ID cards as well as 1D/2D barcodes.
The device scans high-resolution images at 450 DPI and shows fast and accurate performance with regard to OCR character and RF chip
data reading. FASTpass P1 is a field-proven device, as it has been globally deployed and used in many various markets including
immigration clearance, visa application, airlines check-in counters, e-gates/kiosks, duty free shops and identity check.

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FASTfinger series offer various types of fingerprint scanners from single to dual to ten-print. The series are all FBI certified and
capture high-quality images at 500 PPI regardless of fingerprint states. The unique, patented LES (Light Emitting Sensor) technology
raised the fingerprint scanners to the world’s top class level. Unlike prism-based scanners, the LES technology allows FASTfinger
fingerprint scanners to adopt ultra-small and ultra-light design, expanding their applications to various mobile solutions.